1. organ
    Zimmermann / Lienhard

  2. The universe looking at itself through a tiny mirror
    Tobias Meier

  3. Ochotona Calls
    Eva-Maria Karbacher

  4. Zinnarella
    Dalia Donadio

  5. Saarbrücken
    The Workers

  6. The Hills Shout
    Jacques Demierre


  8. l'A Neuve
    Anouck Genthon & David Meier

  9. Decameron
    Philipp Schaufelberger, Pierre Favre

  10. Two Sides of the Moon

  11. l'anno della valanga
    l'anno della valanga

  12. Drapetomania
    The Alchemists' Bruit

  13. Turm
    Sebastian Strinning

  14. 0 und 1
    Stoffner & Frey

  15. Territory
    David Meier & Ramon Landolt

  16. Fetzen Fliegen (stereo/binaural/video)
    Daniel Studer

  17. Fetzen Fliegen (stereo)
    Daniel Studer

  18. Live Capitol Brig
    Mengis Pfammatter Hagen Papaux

  19. Uneven Same – Saxophone Quartets
    Thomas K.J. Mejer

  20. kaputt
    Zimmermann / Lienhard

  21. Flagrant Délit
    Dalia Donadio & Martin Perret

  22. Solos and More at Studio 304
    Alex Riva

  23. Der Verboten
    Der Verboten

  24. Derivatives
    Coleman Goepfert

  25. Altbüron
    The Workers

  26. Archytas Curve
    Koch, Kocher & Badrutt

  27. Poem Pot Plays Pantano
    Dalia Donadio

  28. Staggered Twisted Angled

  29. Anna Frey & Flo Stoffner
    Anna Frey & Flo Stoffner

  30. discover Anthropology!
    Philipp Schaufelberger, Christian Wolfarth

  31. as ignorable as it is interesting
    Marc Méan, Tobias Meier

  32. La Louve

  33. Hipparchus

  34. 2. Akt
    Schwalbe & Elefant

  35. Placid
    Philipp Eden Trio

  36. BONN
    Philipp Schaufelberger

  37. A Linear Thought
    Tobias Meier - Dalia Donadio - Berni Doessegger

  38. AB+

  39. hope you were covered up

  40. Emerge
    Big Bold Back Bone

  41. Untitled
    Matthias Tschopp Quartet

  42. Mein Freund der Baum
    Stoffner Lovens Mahall

  43. Double Sun
    This Difficult Tree

  44. innlaandds

  45. 3 [42:02] Live
    Things to Sounds

  46. ONE (for [your name] only)
    Zimmerlin Stoffner Meier

  47. Sub Rosa
    Roberto Pianca

  48. Hysteresis

  49. octogon

  50. Orion
    Im Wald (Tobias Meier, Matthias Spillmann, Frantz Loriot, Nicola Romanò, Raffaele Bossard)

  51. Ich Als Du
    Schwalbe & Elefant

  52. Mock Grandeur
    Mock Grandeur

  53. Interesting
    Tobias Meier

  54. Lightnings
    Urs Leimgruber / Alex Huber

  55. A Sound
    Rafael Schilt Quartet

  56. Kerrin
    Sebastian Strinning

  57. There Is No Alternative - 24bit High Resolution

  58. Edinburgh

  59. Im Wald (2014)
    Tobias Meier

  60. Philippe & Paul
    Marc Méan & Tobias Meier

  61. Let Them Come

  62. Lancia Thema
    Happy End

  63. Why Don't You Go Outside
    Kinzelman / Pianca / Senni / Huber

  64. Organism
    Things to Sounds

  65. Clouds Clues
    Big Bold Back Bone

  66. Hunter-Gatherer
    David Meier's Hunter-Gatherer

  67. Smoke & Mirrors

  68. Adumbration
    Raffaele Bossard's Junction Box

  69. Wundersam

  70. Transformations
    Things to Sounds

  71. All This Talk About
    Lauren Kinsella Alex Huber


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WideEarRecords is a musician-run collective, platform and record label based in Zürich. We are dedicated to releasing fresh exciting original music from the vibrant Swiss scene and from friends living abroad, leaving as much control as possible to the artists over their music and artwork. Although most of our releases so far tend to be in the field of improvised music we are stylistically open. ... more

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